What is the Pioneer Plaque?
The Pioneer Plaque is a metal plate designed to provide information about humanity and Earth to any extraterrestrial civilization that might encounter the Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 spacecraft. It was launched in 1972 and 1973, respectively, as part of NASA's Pioneer missions. The aim of the plaque is to convey a basic understanding of human beings, their location and their achievements, serving as a sort of interstellar "time capsule" for potential alien encounters. Learn more on Wikipedia.
Disclaimer: Please don’t get offended by this video!
We do not intend to make fun of any individual nor any particular group of people. We intend to make fun of us as a whole. Humanity is a rare biological phenomenon that lately appeared on the surface of a partially wet rock that flies in the nowhereness. From that perspective we are truly all the same. We share Sagan’s and Lennon’s dream of a time in which we finally stop clashing and start behaving as one.
This is non commercial video.
We made this as a gift to the Internet Community. It’s a result of hard work of puzzling together all kinds of footage: YouTube videos and images from all over the internet. If you believe that this video infringes any rights you may have and/or a videoclip or an image contained in this video belongs to you and you are not happy with it, please contact us and post your claim. We will review it and, if necessary, we’ll amend the video in all channels that are under our control. 
Why is this video ignorant to other messages officially sent to space such as the Golden Disk (1977) or the Arecibo Radio Transmission (1974)?
Well, we needed to start from somewhere and we choose The Pioneer Plaque for it’s iconic value. It’s true that both Voyager’s Golden Disk and the radio signal transmissions known as Arecibo Message can be greatly “improved” from today’s political correctness standard. Maybe in the future we’ll engage those other humanitarian missions.
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