In 1973, Carl Sagan created the Pioneer Plaque for the Pioneer 10 space exploration mission. Its purpose was to tell where Earth is and who we are in the “improbable but not impossible” (sic.) eventuality of extraterrestrial civilizations intercepting the probe.

Hyperfine splitting of Hydrogen

Earth’s position in the Universe defined by the intersection of eleven cosmic pulsars

Probe exit trajectory on its way out from our Solar System


Humankind. Shape and size of the intelligent beings who are sending this.

The Pioneer 10 gathered important scientific data and then it flew into deep space.  It’s last very weak signal was received in 2003 when it was 12 billion kilometers from Earth. It should reach Aldebaran, in the Taurus Constellation, in approximately 1.690.000 years.

How would the Pioneer Plaque look today?

Why this?

Since the 60s and 70s, western societies have been losing the traditional explanatory structures and falling into a cacophony of collective claims regulated only by an often annoying political correctness. It’s potentially offensive to talk about someone’s race, sexual orientation, body, food preferences, illness, God… Yet meanwhile, we are asked to have an opinion on an increasing number of controversial causes, for example: does Femen objectify or free women? Is it OK to wear the hijab at school? Should the mentally ill adopt children? Should we prevent the Chinese from eating dogs?

This information overload produces confusion and perplexity, and, furthermore, apathy, depression and maybe even brain cancer. Want to give it a try? Start here at my Über Dazed and Confused News Page.

Why «Postmodern»?

Contemporary philosophers like Lipovetsky, Baudrillard, Kirby, Bauman, Vattimo, Van den Akker and  Vermeulen are enthusiastically debating postmodernism’s mutations and spin-offs such as Hypermodernism, Post-postmodernism, Liquid Modernity, Digimodernism, Metamodernism, etc.

I call postmodernism the perfect storm of the XXth century. It came and devastated the simple, naive, heartwarming logic of modernity once and for all. I believe we are still living the aftermath of this systemic apocalypse.

My project enacts the brutal confrontation of two centuries: post-WW2 progressive romanticism vs. todays über-modern era. This contrast fascinates and scandalizes me unceasingly.





This project is also

A tribute to Carl Sagan

Watching “Cosmos” as a child, he was my guiding star. A man who embodied wisdom, passion for science, wild curiosity and kindness. A true Pacifist who saw us as one: Humankind, together with the animal kingdom and our beautiful Planet.

My uttermost respect towards this extraordinary person.


The Postmodern Pioneer Plaque Project was conceived and produced
by Boris Kozlov


Voice over talent
Naeem Munaf
Sara Montgomery Campbell
Toni Rodriguez

Illustrations artwork by
Eduardo Gutierrez García

Original music composed by
Eric Foinquinos

Sound Design and Mix
Beltran Rengifo

Prodution consultants
Marta Kozlov
Luis Oliván

Silvia Figueras

Diego Bartolomé

Additional design

Additional soundtrack

Album: K-R Quoi de neuf
Performed by K-R

Performed by
David G. Bonacho

“Jihad Trap”
Performed by

Special thanks to
Zoe Berriatua, Álvaro Giménez Sarmiento, Alberto Olivan, Maja Petrić, Yamila Fernández-Colman, Jorge Frías, Álvaro de la Hoz, Javier Hormigos, José Manuel Carrasco, Isabel Fernández, Antonio Garrido


Disclaimer: Please don’t get offended by this video!
I do not intend to make fun of any individual or any particular group of people. I intend to make fun of us as a whole. Humanity is a rare biological phenomenon that recently appeared on the surface of a partially wet rock that was flying in the nothingness. From that perspective we are truly all the same. I share Sagan’s and Lennon’s dream of a time in which we finally stop clashing and start behaving as one.


This is non commercial project. I made it as a gift to the Internet Community. It’s a result of hard work of piecing together all kinds of footage: YouTube videos and images from all around the Internet. If you believe that this video infringes any right you may have, please contact us using the contact form.  We will immediately review your claim and amend the video in all channels that are under our control if necessary. 


Why is this video ignorant of other messages officially sent to space such as the
Golden Disk (1977) or the Arecibo Radio Transmission (1974)?
Well, I needed to start somewhere and I choose The Pioneer Plaque for its iconic value. It’s true that both Voyager’s Golden Disk and the radio signal transmissions known as Arecibo Message can be greatly “improved” by today’s political correctness standard. Maybe in the future I’ll engage those other humanitarian missions.

Your turn